Arquitecto Julio Cesar Mendez

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With over 17 years experience, Julio Cesar Mendez is an accomplished architect who has made a name
for himself in both Venezuela and the United States. Upon graduating in the top 5% of his class from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, Julio was invited to stay on with the firm, Gonzalez, Lamber, Machado, Trompiz Partners where he did his intership, and was promoted to Assistant Project Coordinator.

Julio owes a lot of his early development to Jesus Tenreiro, a very influential and accomplished architect in both the Venezuela and South America regions. Not only was Tenreiro Julio's mentor and tutor during his internship, but it was he who recommended him to stay on at the firm, and he continued to mentor Julio throughout his tenure at Gonzalez, Lamber, Machado, Trompiz Partners.

After gaining a few years of considerable experience, Julio signed on with Incomendi Architecture & Construction as an Architect II/Junior Project Manager. During this same time, he served as Professor of Architecture for one of the most recognized private Venezuelan universities, el Universidad Jose Ma Vargas. Julio was also actively involved in community development through his work in developingl projects focused on commercial and educational programs throughout Venezuela.

In an effort to gain more exposure and strengthen his experience, Julio relocated to the United States in the Summer of 1997. Upon a year as a freelance artist in Miami, he joined Arquitectonica International as Designer/Junior Project Manager, where he would spend the next four years of his career gaining invaluable experience.

Although Julio gained a great deal of experience at one of the largest and most reputable architecture firms in the world, he knew it was time to gain more visibility with a smaller firm that offered opportunity for greater responsibility. As such, he signed on with GJC Architect PA in Fort Lauderdale led by Gustavo J. Carbonell, an accomplished architect and well-respected member of the Fort Lauderdale community.

Among a smaller group of 20 professionals at GJC, Julio has been able to gain exposure to all aspects of the business, giving him the knowledge and understanding required to assume increased responsibilities and to take on a broad span of projects. In fact, throughout his career at GJC, Julio has successfully led over 50 projects, managing anywhere from 10 to 15 projects per year. Being actively involved in all phases of these project and learning to resolve and address a variety of issues as they arise, has given Julio the invaluable experience needed to succeed. Seeing more than 60% of his projects built, Julio is quite pleased with his accomplishments; but continues to look for the next best thing.

He recognizes there is a world of opportunity among us, and he is not ready to stop. With a positive energy and creative outlook, Julio's mind is always working regardless of where he is at or what he is doing. He has a unique talent for observing those little things that surround us in our daily lives that most would take for granted, and injecting them into concepts to design some of his most creative developments. His flair for architectural design and theory is carefully balanced with a perspective for construction, building codes and real estate development.

While some may think this is the prime of Julio's career, given his accomplishment to date, this is the only beginning. We should expect to see Julio continue to emerge, as he unfolds some of his most brilliant work in the years to come.